Dear Daughter,

Welcome to this world which is just so incomplete without you. I still remember the nervousness, affection mixed with anticipation that I went through while I was expecting a baby. And you entered our lives just as a bundle of joy and hope. You are a blessing for us. Rest assured, no one will ever be as important to me as you are.

Life isn’t any less than a fairy tale. Remember the bedtime stories? Doesn’t every princess get success after a bit of struggle? Yes, struggle, failure and being heartbroken, at times is inevitable. But that should never discourage you. Your reward will always be waiting to embrace you beyond the obstacles. You must keep in mind that whatever comes easy, has little or no value, in the ultimate journey of life.

Be proud, you’re a girl. Why? Well, society may probably judge you on a few parameters, but in spite of all of it, it is you who will be our identity, and also the foundation of your future family. Never let your decisions be affected by what the world says. They should be completely yours. Here you must also realize that the aftermath of these decisions also will be your responsibility. We, your family, will support you throughout, to the best of our ability, but you will be leading your own life. I promise, you will get all the freedom and facilities that my son will get, there’ll be absolutely no discrimination.

It is essential that you create your own identity in the coming years. You’ll be facing cut-throat competition, dilemma, and you even might have to face some heart-crushing moments, but all those experiences must be the ones that make you stronger. Your existence should not be dependent on us, or your future family. This might seem weird, but trust me dear, life is full of uncertainties, you never know what might happen the very next moment. Be ready to face it all. A weak woman is the easiest target of exploitation, never give anyone a chance.

Consider me your friend. I might scold you for certain things, be rude to you, advise you, but I’ll never enforce my decisions on you. The final choice will always be made by you. Stick by your choices.

Be good to everyone you come across. Karma does bear fruits. If you feel someone has wronged you, just walk away from the influence of that person. Revenge should not be a word in your dictionary. Love selflessly. Be true to your own self. Invest your feelings only after a lot of contemplation and in the right person. (You might understand the importance of this piece of advice after a few years, but it’ll prove to be one of the most valuable ones). Choose your friends very wisely. The company you keep will be a reflection of who you are.

Your career should be your priority, your parents, family, friends, no one is bound or even capable of being with you forever. Prepare yourself to face whatever may come in your way. Emotions are essential to lead a good life, but you must know the right time and the right company to display them. Practical life does not run on emotions.

Cherish moments as they come. Find happiness in the small tokens of love, and you’ll never feel disheartened. Live in the present, learn from your past and prepare for your future.

Never let the goodness and innocence in you die. Be the angel you were born to be. Yes, you are our angel.

With boundless love and blessings,

Your mother.


Dalia Faheid