Dear future daughter,


First of all, you don't need a man. But if you find one that lifts you off your feet, taking you to the moon, go to the moon with them (unless they don't treat you with the respect you deserve).


Get to know yourself. You're beautiful, smart, and strong. That's a fact. You're many other things too, spend enough time with yourself and you will find them.


But take the time to get to know others too. Don't judge them at first sight. If someone ever puts you down, tell them you cannot fall.


If you feel like you're falling, come talk to me. Tell me anything you question or doubt. I'll talk with you about anything.  


And lastly, be confident. Raise your hand in class. Compliment others. Speak your mind. Stand up for yourself and anyone who can't speak up for themselves. And be yourself, always.



Dalia Faheid