Dear future daughter,

Welcome to the world, my little miracle.
I've always wanted to have you and now that you are in my arms, I can’t help but wonder how perfect you are.

You have no idea as to how much love your entire family is going to shower on you. Your grandparents are going to be both your protectors and your best friends. Love them-not many have the privilege of having them.

I promise, from this day on, that I will love you from every cell that I can spare and will also ensure that you never feel inadequate.

There will be times where you will be disappointed: a broken toy, a broken dream and a broken heart. I promise you that at that time I will be your best friend and always ready with a tub of ice cream or a good book (depends on if you take after me or your father).

As you grow up, you are going to witness that people can judge you on everything and anything, good or bad , tough or easy, and will always form an opinion. But I assure you, to your father and I, you will always be our happy girl and our sunshine.

Years will pass by and you will want to try all the things under the sun. We will have different opinions and might end up in an argument. I just hope that someday you will realize that your mother never wished anything bad upon you. I promise that I will try my level best to respect your opinion and realize that times have changed.

I will never chain you and will try my best to not be overprotective of you.


Make your rules, your decisions, be knowledgeable and opinionated.


Discover the world and also yourself.

There will be times throughout your life, my darling, when you will feel that you are not perfect-that your body, your job, or your partner is not perfect and you will feel that you are not good enough. My darling, I wish that at those times, you remember that your mother raised you a strong independent girl who sets her own bar, is extremely secure and loves herself with all her might.


Never feel small.

I advise that you make friends. Friendship is very important and very vital in life. I hope you have friends that help you grow either by being with you or when you realize that their absence is favorable. Eleanor Roosevelt said that no one has the right to make you feel inferior without your consent.

I hope that you embark on adventures, conquer mountains, and get beautifully lost in the stars.


I wish that the canvas of your life be filled with experiences that enrich it. I promise you that, even if they are bad, they will make you discover the best in you.

When love finds you, I will be as happy as i possibly can. It would mean that you were able to share the love you have been bestowed with someone whom you deem worthy. Your father and I will be ecstatic to welcome him to our family. For all the other breakups, no worries, we are with you. While your dad will be with you at home, I will hunt him down and let him know what an idiot he is.

I will wait for all the occasions that we will celebrate together, all the birthday parties we will have, all your little achievements-from the first time you laugh to the first of your imaginary friends. My princess, your every achievement will be the most cherished moment of my life. I promise to never miss any of them. If by any way, I do miss it, please forgive me, because you ought to know that I tried my level best to make it.

If I leave you, my girl, do not dwell on it and waste in grief. Remember me while baking the cake we used to make together, finding my favorite color when you’re shopping or reading a book that makes your heart warm.

We would be the weirdest of people and the happiest of them; laughing our hardest, crying our loudest, cherishing from all our hearts and loving unbridled. My daughter, you are my miracle and you will always remain one.



Dalia Faheid