Dear future daughter,


No matter what circumstances life throws in your direction, remember that I will hold your hand during every phase of it. Never hesitate to share your agony with me. I can't see you enduring pain alone. Let me always have a share of it. We will sort out problems together.


Learn to take care of yourself. Accept your flaws. You are much more beautiful with your flaws. Don't let anyone take your beautiful soul away from you. Have patience with yourself. Believe that it takes time for scars to heal. Do not give up.


You may think about giving your life away. Please never allow your mind to compromise upon such thoughts. Live. Even if you have crawl or drag yourself. Your efforts will not be in vain. One day, you are going to fly. Your willpower is much more powerful than your thoughts. Embrace yourself and rise. Do not forget the ones who were with you during hard times. They are the most wonderful people you will be gifted with.


This world is a big place. It is completely fine to be clueless sometimes. You may not be sure of your passions, so just keep discovering. Never underestimate yourself. When people judge you, don't take anything to heart. Be good to people, but don’t expect the same from them. Pray for the good of others. Respect them. Help the needy.


You are the epitome of courage and love. You are a badass human.


Love yourself. Live every moment to the fullest.

Dalia Faheid