Excerpts from Nuggets of Truth for my Precious Daughter:


  • You are not an atlas. You are not responsible for carrying the weight of the world.


  • Braid your hair like a horse’s mane and tell yourself ‘I will never be tamed.’


  • Do not let anyone become a vacuum and suck the life out of you. Pull the plug.


  • You are a rose that grows between the cracks in the concrete, an unexpected beauty coloring the city streets with life.


  • Your skin sheds and replaces itself every 7 years, an incredible reminder that you are forever evolving and changing.


  • Life is clumsy and messy. We all stumble our way into being. Don’t be afraid to trip on the climb up.


  • Marry a man who makes you feel as beautiful in the dark as he does in the light. Beauty is not something that needs to be seen. It demands to be felt.


  • Moles and freckles are not blemishes. They are constellations scattered across your milky skin to remind you that you are the world, the galaxy.


  • Do not let a boy take you on a first date to the movie theater. You deserve to be taken somewhere where you are not expected to be silent and unseen.


Kayla Hollatz 

Dalia Faheid