My child,

I must admit, I have always been afraid of you. I still feel like a child myself, and I don’t know how I could possibly teach you the ways of the world, make you understand how cruel and beautiful and frustrating and liberating it is.


I do know that the most important thing is to acknowledge that learning is the key to happiness. Knowledge is power, as they say. You are the product of someone who has struggled and used learning to conquer her fears. There are just so many things in the world to learn, and I hope you see them as opportunities to grow.


I don’t know what kind of life you will have because I barely know what kind of life I will have, but you should know that however it turns out, it’ll be okay. You may have nothing, but you will have yourself, which is everything. You may have everything, but remember who you are and what truly matters to you.


The world may not treat you well, but take that with grace and know that you are a stronger force than its torment.

The world may also treat you well, but remember not to take advantage of its gifts. I did not have a mother growing up, so I do hope that we get to live a long time together. I want to show you how to navigate the world with your own eyes so that you are happy.


Even from long before your birth, you are loved.


Your mother,

Karena Tsai

Dalia Faheid