Hey you,

I want you to remember a few things:


  • You are loved. I love you. Your dad loves you. Your grandparents love you. Your friends love you.


  • You are a masterpiece. Please don’t believe anyone who says otherwise.


  • Never ever let anyone define you. People will say mean things, but don’t believe them. Don’t let anyone take away your self confidence.


  • I want you to do what makes you happy.


  • I hope to teach you the importance of traveling alone. It taught me to be tough, and I need you to learn that too.


  • Please make as many mistakes as you want. They will build your character.


  • If someone doesn’t want your company, that’s their problem, Not yours.


  • Life is all about setbacks. Still, I want you to do everything you love to do. I want you to follow your passion.


  • I love you from every part of my being. Nothing in this world will ever change that.



Dalia Faheid