Dear future daughter,


What a strange concept to write to someone who doesn’t exist yet. Despite the many times I spent imagining being a mother to a daughter of my own, for it to come true one day is absolutely surreal. But I can’t wait nonetheless.


I can’t wait to hold you in my arms and promise you the world. I can’t wait to nurture your potential and watch you take on the world with me at your side.


I can’t wait to empower you and show you that there is nothing you can’t do.


And that you will have my support as long as I live. I know life is hard, and there will be times that you will doubt your existence and question your reason for joining the rest of us in this world. But I hope the answer “I wanted to love you and give you my all,” will suffice. I’m not sure when we'll meet, but I am sure that when we do, I’ll feel an immeasurable amount of happiness and all I’ll want to do is give that all to you.


Until then,

Your future mother

Ayda Kokash

Dalia Faheid