Dear future daughter,


  • Don’t let people tell you that you cannot do something because you are a girl. You don’t need to wear pink or play with dolls because the other girls do. You don’t have to love cooking or dressing up.


  • There are times when people will come to you and tell you “If you do X, you could be prettier.” Do not believe them. Knowledge is beautiful. Passion is beautiful. Warmth and kindness are beautiful. Any man who wants to be with you for the curves of your body or the color of your eyes is not worth it.


  • It is not selfish to respect and love yourself.


  • If you are not learning, you are not moving.


  • Falling is not failing, unless you refuse to stand up again.


  • The best way to serve God is to serve people.


  • Happiness doesn’t come from things and possessions, it comes in the form of tiny moments that can otherwise go unnoticed.


  • Travel. Read. Both will inspire you, ignite a spark in you, and broaden your horizons.


  • Learn to love people. Be kind. Empathize.


  • Once in awhile, leave your phone and laptop at home.


  • Always choose to be happy, no matter what situation you’re in.



Dalia Faheid